1. Make sure you are logged in to your account. If not, select Login from the menu



  2. Click the icon of a person, and select My Ads



  3. Against each of your ads there are three buttons (note that on a phone it is easier to turn the phone to landscape and slide across)

To edit an ad, click this button: 

To deactivate an ad, click this button: 

To delete an ad, click this button: 

If an ad is already deactivated, instead of the deactivate button, there is the activate button: 

Deactivating an ad may be useful if you already have had enough response but the item has not yet been collected. It enables you to reactivate the ad if, for any reason, the item isn't collected. It can also be used if you want to be able to refer to your ad in the future, as once an ad is deleted, it's deleted :).

When editing an ad, there are two distinct parts - the Ad Details part, where you can make changes and click Save, and the Manage Images part where you can upload additional images, delete images, and change the order in which they are displayed.

The orientation of images is determined automatically using information contained within the image. Sometime the image may not be in the correct orientation e.g. turned by 90 degrees, which will usually be due to the phone used to take the photo not having been held in a clear orientation. You can modify the image orientation yourself before uploading it, but usually our moderators will spot this and correct it for you.