1. How to prevent emails from La Récup' going into your spam folder?

    Emails from La Récup' will almost entirely be 'transactional' emails, i.e. related to your activities on this site.For example, to confirm that you have posted an ad, to let you know that you have a reply to your ad, or to remind you if your ad is about to expire, and so on. Sometimes, particularly because these emails are automatically generated, some of them may be filtered into your spam folder… Read more.

  2. How to edit, deactivate/activate and delete an ad

    Make sure you are logged in to your account. If not, select Login from the menuComputer:Mobile:Click the icon of a person, and select My AdsComputer:Mobile:Against each of your ads there are three buttons (note that on a phone it is easier to turn the phone to landscape and slide across) To edit an ad, click this button:  To deactivate an ad, click this button:  To delete an ad, click… Read more.

  3. How do I find my messages on La Récup'?

    All your messages are shown in your personal inbox on La Récup'. There you can reply to any messages you have received. To access your personal inbox, you must be logged in. Please click on the envelope icon in the main menu or on "Messages" in the submenu under the person icon in the main menu. You can also go to  https://larecupfr.ch/oc-panel/messages.  On a… Read more.

  4. How to get the La Récup' icon on your smartphone

    La Récup' is designed to work well on mobile phones. So to access the site quickly and easily, this is what we recommend you do.For an iPhone:1. Open Safari and go to larecupfr.ch.2. Click on the sharing icon at the bottom of the page:3. Select "Add to Home Screen":4. Then "Add":And that's all there is to it. You'll see a stylish icon in the next free space of your iPhone screen! Pour un android:… Read more.

  5. Used your Facebook account to register on La Récup' and not receiving our emails?

    When you first sign in to La Récup' using your Facebook account, an account is created for you on La Récup'. The information that is saved is your email address as it is stored in Facebook, and your name. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email welcoming you to La Récup', containing your email address and an automatically generated password. If you do not receive this email, it is… Read more.

  6. How to receive an alert when a specific ad is published

    Looking for something in particular? On La Récup' you can receive an alert as soon as an ad is published!Some items go very quickly on La Récup'. Of course, others take longer, but if you're looking for something in particular, especially something that's popular (e.g. children's items or sports equipment), then you might want to be quick.This is why we have introduced "email alerts". You can find… Read more.

  7. What to do if you receive a lot of replies to your ad?

    This is a good problem to have, but it can prove a little difficult!It's not a bad idea to wait 24 hours after you've posted you ad before you decide who to give it to. That will give more people the opportunity to reply to your ad. Of course, it is up to you how you decide. For example, you can choose the most polite answer; or the person who lives closest; or the person who has said… Read more.

  8. How to stop replies after you have offered your item to someone

    You've offered your item to someone and you don't want to remove the ad in case they don't show up. What can you do to prevent others from contacting you in the meantime?a) Nothing, and this way you always have other contacts if the first person is a no show;b) Edit the ad to read "RESERVED" at the beginning of the ad title;c) Deactivate the ad, in the knowledge that it can always be reactivated… Read more.

  9. How free is free?

    We all know that everything on La Récup should be free. But from time to time we are asked if it is possible to ask for a swap for something else, or some chocolate or a bottle of Fendant, or even just 1 fr. This is a potentially difficult issue. That's why we decided that free should be really free. Absolutely free, no strings attached. That's the only way to avoid blurring the lines. Of… Read more.

  10. Why advertise on La Récup' and not on xxx?

    It's a fair question. La Récup' is not the only site where you can post ads for free items. So, why La Récup'? La Récup' is the only website: dedicated specifically and uniquely to free items; and which doesn't make any money at all on anything, and which does not use* or sell your data in any way, and which focuses exclusively on the canton of Fribourg, and which… Read more.