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  3. No ads offering or seeking alcohol, tobacco, weapons or medicines

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  10. Be friendly :-)


Like everything else at La Récup', good manners are free. We would be grateful if the users of this site would always be polite and considerate in their interactions with others via La Récup'. This includes:

  • Not contacting an advertiser unless you are really interested in the item they are offering;
  • Keeping your commitments, such as being on time to pick up (or donate) an item;
  • Deactivating or deleting an ad when the item is no longer available (see https://larecupfr.ch/faq/faq-mes-annonces.html for help);
  • Responding to all messages;
  • Treating all other people with respect.

Thank you in advance. La Récup' helps strengthen and build community spirit and relationships - let's make it work together.


It is normally expected that anyone responding to an advertisement on La Récup' intends to use the item advertised for their own personal use or that of their family and/or friends. Anyone who responds to an ad with the intention of using the item for anything other than personal use is required to state this in their message to the advertiser, so that things are perfectly clear.

If you have received an item via La Récup' and you no longer need it, and the item could be useful to someone else, you are also expected to give it away free of charge to someone else, ideally via La Récup'.


It is the responsibility of each user of this site, when arranging for the collection of the donated item, to be fully aware of the potential risk of a "stranger" coming to their home. We take no responsibility for this risk.

If, for example, you live alone, it is advisable to leave the item on the front porch if you are not at home or arrange to drop it off in a public place.


YOU USE THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please take reasonable steps to protect your safety and privacy when posting an ad and when donating or removing an item. By registering on this site, you agree not to hold the organisers, volunteers, or anyone associated with this site liable for any circumstances arising from any exchange or related communication.